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Piasini Serial Suite Keygen Free __FULL__

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piasini serial suite keygen free

BDM100 OBD2 ECU Chip Tuning Programmer 1.Description: 1.BDM100 is a universal reader/programmer (it does not require our RACE SW necessarily) that allows the user to read and program files in the ECU supplied with MOTOROLA MPC5xx processor (essential). 2.BDM 100 requires the ECU to be open, on the bench, as the reading/programming operations are realized by linking a flat cable to specific area the ECU (the tool, on the other side, is linked to the USB port of a computer). 3.BDM 100 allows also to create perfect copies of the whole SW of an ECU (after having read the original ECU SW). 2.The SW allows to read and program the WHOLE ECU content of: 1.29BL802 SSOP eprom file (or ROM memory with maps if eprom physically not present) 2.MOTOROLA MPC5xx Processor file 3.Serial Eprom content. Please note that even in the case of the ECU blocking, due to the wrong checksum recalculation, the ECU can always be reprogrammed and then retrieved (if the original SW has been previously stored). 3.Package list: 1pc X BDM 100 Interface. 1pc X CD 1pc X USB connecting cable 3pc X Small green pcb 1pc X cable

Serial suite Piasini Engineering ECU programmer wire diagrams: Car& Motorbike list: Serial suite Piasini Engineering V4.3 Master Car List: Denso-Mitsubishi Denso-Nissan Denso-Suzuki Denso-Jaguar Hitachi-Nissan Keihi-Honda EFI-Lotus EFI-Lamborghini


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