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The six first stage planet gears are located in the reduction module housing and are positioned between the external and internal gearbox casing plates. The first stage planet gears are disc-shaped, with their radial outer sides being driven by the external gearbox input shaft. A thick washer provides a bearing function for the external gearbox input shaft. Each first stage planet gear also has a raceway in the middle of the inner diameter of the external gearbox casing plate. A spline is used to lock the gear in the planetary gearing box.

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The epicyclic reduction module housing also contains six second stage planet gears, between the common carrier and differential carrier. The second stage planet gears are positioned between the internal casing plate and the differential carrier. Their inner diameter is configured to mate with the common carrier and external gearbox casing plate and also holds the washer in place. A spline couples the second stage planet gears to the internal casing plate. The EC225 LP engine is used to power the reduction module via the reduction module drive shaft.

The reduction module drives one of the six epicyclic reduction module planetary gearing boxes. Each epicyclic reduction module planetary gearbox comprises a common carrier, an external gearbox casing plate, a washer and a raceway-shaped first stage planet gear. The first stage planet gears are held in place by a spline that protrudes from the internal casing plate, by way of the external casing plate. The reduction gearbox drives a reduction drive shaft that meshes with the external gearbox input shaft, which in turn drives the EC225 LP engine input shaft.


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