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[S5E6] I Am Number Nine Extra Quality

Shortly thereafter, Sisko, who is still on the Enterprise with Dax, is amazed to hear from Odo that Darvin has planted a bomb in a tribble. Odo describes it as revenge from Darvin, as in the original timeline, Kirk noticed how a tribble reacted to the younger Darvin and realized he was a Klingon. While Darvin has obviously refused to reveal the bomb's location, he did say it was set to go off within the hour. Dax suggests they risk going to the bridge and using the internal sensors to scan the ship within minutes. Sisko agrees and orders everyone else to K-7 to search for the bomb. However, Odo suggests that Worf remain on the Defiant due to his mutual dislike of tribbles, to which Sisko agrees. However, O'Brien is concerned they may not be able to reach the station's internal sensors. Sisko tells him that then he will have to manually scan every tribble on the station. O'Brien, in disbelief, says there must be thousands. Bashir notes it could be hundreds of thousands, but Dax has already worked out the number as one million, seven hundred and seventy-one thousand, five hundred and sixty-one, starting with one tribble, producing an average litter of ten every twelve hours over a period of three days. Sisko tells everyone they have their orders and closes the channel.

[S5E6] I Am Number Nine

Annika was placed into a Borg maturation chamber for the next few years, during which time she joined the collective.[30] Following this, she was a Borg drone and assimilated individuals from a number of species, including a crew member from the USS Melbourne at the Battle of Wolf 359 on Stardate 43989.1.[31][32] Two years later, Seven of Nine, along with three other drones, crashed on a planet and they were separated from the Borg Collective. This caused their individualities to resurface over time, which caused Seven to panic due to her relative inexperience with individuality, and created a temporary hive mind between the four of them until they were retrieved by the Borg.[33]

In 2386, nine years after the USS Voyager returned to Earth, Seven's surrogate son Icheb was abducted by Borg harvesters. Seven attempted to rescue him but arrived too late, finding him mortally wounded. Icheb died in Seven's arms after she acceded to his request to mercy kill him.

Casting directors Kelly Hunt and Tracy Dixon said in an email that if you would like to apply, submit via email one - and preferably two - best individual photos (no family photos). Include your height, weight, and clothing sizes, best phone number to reach you at, and what city and state you live in.

"Canto De Zinha" by Simone Giuliani - This obscure track plays during a flashback scene in which Serena Joy and Fred Waterhouse dance at a gathering. It's a tense, almost grating strings number by the artist better known as 4MuLA. It also previously was played in an earlier episode of The Handmaid's Tale.

"It's the Hard Knock Life" sung by The Handmaid's Tale cast - In a rare moment of brevity in Gilead, Lydia oversees the Handmaids with Janine while they are cleaning the Red Center. The girls sing "It's the Hard Knock Life" while scrubbing the floor, and surprisingly, they aren't punished for it. While Aunt Lydia lets it slide, the other Aunts aren't so pleased, and one of them reminds Lydia that Janine will need to be re-posted. The moment is small, but in the end, it's a testament to Aunt Lydia's growth in terms of empathy. While not that long ago she wouldn't have let the moment slide, she's allowing a little more leeway with the Handmaids after her reformation.

"Un Homme Et Une Femme" by Francis Lai - On the morning of Lawrence's wedding, Janine and Lydia go to his house. She sadly finds out that Angela will be with her grandparents over the summer, then she is so rudely reminded by Naomi that she is her daughter. In spite of this, Janine manages to keep her cool, until a Martha tells her of the attack on June. "Un Homme Et Une Femme" plays when Janine hears the news. Not long after this Janine loses it on Naomi. The result is, of course, the Eyes show up and haul her away in a van.

that's not damaging to them because this happens all the time right even will flavor goals and then is very hurtful. Honest right on. Maybe i'm just in that age category now but it's still very hurtful. Now you're right. So how do we make it in such way that it's a a good experience. First and foremost thing you must do is get over this idea that this is a flaw because we know lots of people who got married right out of college and guess what that was the first person they dated and now they're in relationship with them more mary. Those people didn't have any relationship experience. Either it's not a flaw. It's actually part of who you are. In fact it makes you a unicorn in some ways because you know some of us are like i'll win. It'd be great to meet a guy dated everyone in the ninety. Well there. you are ben sitting right next week so i you have to get over that. This is not a flaw. It's part of who you are and you're not going to hurt anybody if you communicate your feelings are you close to your mom. Okay so. I think that the test could be when my parents be proud of what i did right with my parents be. Okay with what i communicated. That's like the ultimate test of respect. And as long as you keep the women in the loop about hunger feeling. Ish shouldn't stop you from pursuing that relationship or seeing where it goes just because you have this sort of insecurity. I'm calling an insecurity that you have so when you say the most dates you've been on with someone it's like three or four days. What ultimately happens after those day will happen was they wanted to get more physical but i did. Not hope did not know how to proceed so app power. They show you that they wanna to get over text so after the three dates i guess they did not feel it so they asked. So what's going on. And that's revealed out because you didn't make a move in like stanford. Yeah that is that something. I look for when i'm dating someone if i don't get kissed by third date i'd be like it's there an interest tells me though. Is that girls like you. I mean that's true. Yeah okay. I'm here and i'm ready this great. Let's go. that's a really good way to look at that. I mean so to me. I think at the very least what you're doing so far seems to be working right and it seems like you. You might need to work on a little more confidence especially handling those situations because it is sort of uncharted territory. Ray and you know in a sense. It is also stepping outside of your comfort zone. And that's how you learn the most about yourself and that's how you're going to grow the most tonight taken some of the approaches. Where let's say i go on a few dates whom you women and a have a period of causing i reflect what i learned maybe a few months later i restart with what i've learned to be. You know to make sure that you know i. I'm pretty much better And i'll be more interesting to to women and so on so i do. Have those breaks because it can be very overloading. and then i'm not actually Spending quality time with those people. It's next one next one. You're also very systematic about this. Which which shows to me that you've taken your emotions out of the equation to some extent. Yes you're not going with your heart you're going with. Oh let's experiment. See what works than self reflect and then i take a break and then i do this and i do that invulnerable with a lot of the girls that i talked to is just not on different level. Okay okay. have you been physical with someone before on no okay. So that's that's scary right to go in for a kiss. I mean like to always terrifying. What are some unlike reflecting back to my very first kiss i was like i don't know eleven or something i dunno hussy but what was that like. What is that. What scares you about going in for that this What is the actual right moment when you actually proceed. As far as what's the move like. I mean you're not going to smooth line do like in the movie. A what is great that you are thinking things through by almost think you might be thinking like. I think it's like he just go for it and get that experience and even if that experience isn't necessarily a good experience like what's the worst that can happen is it's awkward or at least you got experience so i think like if you frame it like that it might be a view that once you get your first kiss. You're just gonna be unleashed gonna be like yes like. I'm going have a going along with this. Maybe you should have a drunken make out session right just like get it over. It's funny. I definitely want to draw attention to the irony of like having a guy who so thoughtful yes okay and so in just in just like so.

Then you have to have a great story right and your story is to be perfectly honest. I it just wasn't a priority in my life for a long time. And now i wanted to make it a priority and that's end of story. You don't need to explain. You don't need to over explain it. You don't need Say that sheltered or you put women on a pedestal. You don't need to go. In any of that. Storing it was not a priority. Now it is a priority. It is something i'm looking for dot yup and something that i try to live by is knowing who i am and and knowing that i want to find someone who accepts me for that person yeah and so in that moment if and when it does come up and she says tell me about your last relationship or how did that end and you say actually. I've never been in one before i mean. So what like you. Don't make a big deal. Yeah any you know like what are we doing tomorrow. How you're just moving right along. No don't make it such a big blip on the radar. Just bring it up nonchalantly say it matter of factly answer the question for what it is and if it's a problem she'll let you know and if it's not a problem then you'll see for on season one. We had a matchmaker friend of ours. Courtney talked about like a woman client of hers that had never been on a deep at ever and like she just didn't have confidence because of what we're talking about. She basically meet like urged her to think about like friends and family. Like what you were saying earlier. So i think like anything you can take about like how i been like a great partner to one of those people like that could help boost that confidence up to yes definitely It's all about owning your story. And i think rich is so good at owning his story because he was divorced and data and half to not using divorce as sort of insecurity but more as an explanation of who you are so maybe you can talk more about like how you brought up your divorce because i actually see parallels in in this well in the beginning it was something i was ashamed of. Because you're you're mad with someone a divorce is seen you know in in a lotta as a failure of that marriage and as a person. No one likes to think that they failed. No one likes to draw attention to that right and so i would just kind of be like. Hey i'm rich know other what divorced it comes out right and then when it comes up. Initially i did feel shame and was his kinda like i felt like i wanted to explain it away. Like hey you know wasn't me. It wasn't it wasn't like don't please let that scare you away. I promise you. I would work very very hard to but my ended the relationship because this is really what i care about yet and believe it or not alert lot from that marriage and you're going to benefit from that like i would initially. It was this the shame of not wanting to bring it up. And then after a while i started to realize you know what i should i should own it because if because if i'm with someone for nine months and then she finds out that i was friends back yet right and so that you're ashamed of it and so and so then it's like okay. Well when do i bring it up. But why even why even go down that path. Yes it's who you are yet like so when it comes up it comes up but it you know for me recognizing the sensitivity of being prior bringing apart marriage and recognizing that some women want to be the first one and my life. I thought it was more important to bring up sooner than later. Because i felt like she deserved to know that. Hey you know that sacred thing that you're looking for i kinda did it one time before like i'm like you know how would you bring it up. What would you actually say to these women. I'm actually divorced. Sometimes it would just be as the block is that like just you know I just want to bring this up now. Just like i'm divorced. That's not a deal breaker for you. Because this is how i feel about you and blah blah blah blah and just kind of you know just go into it like that but i think i'm the kind of person that respects people that are blunt open and honest with me and i like to think that i am understanding and i like to think that i give you the forum to really express yourself without making you feel shame for it and that's what i wanna partner and so for me. It's also a test. It's like hey. I'm going to drop this on you and how you handle. It will tell me if we're going to work or not. I remember I dated this divorce guy ones and our first date. He said i'm divorced. I love my wife dearly. 041b061a72


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