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Numerical Analysis by Dutta Jana: A Comprehensive and Accessible Guide in PDF

the behavior of the model is also investigated by varying the values of r and s, and different phases of the model is investigated using the phase portraits. we used the model to predict the size of the steady state and provide the key epidemiological parameters such as basic reproduction number, the disease-free and endemic equilibrium numbers and the number of infected and recovered humans. the stability of these steady states was also analyzed by employing the numerical method of finite difference. the most interesting finding was that the model showed chaotic behavior in some intervals of the parameters.

free pdf on numerical analysis by dutta jana

1.2 next we define the phase plane and its various types of analysis. in the same section, we discuss the qualitative behavior of autonomous systems and also explain how they can be used to study the behavior of non-autonomous systems.

an approach to the development and implementation of a statistical analysis in the development of a composite structure is presented. the approach is based on the combination of the statistical test of structural reliability and the survival analysis of the material degradation processes. this is the first attempt to perform a structural analysis of a supercritical composite structure, for which the fatigue properties of the constituent materials are not known. the goal is to avoid the large uncertainty in the strength values of the composite material, which is associated with the use of a typical structural approach. this work provides the experimental data of the composite material and the statistical analysis is carried out by using the structural reliability theory (s. r. adhikari et al., 1989) in conjunction with the life prediction data provided by the material degradation analysis (m. l. edwards et al., 1996). the outcomes are compared and analyzed.


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