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Ameera Atlantis

  • Activate Your Atlantean Light Body & DNA

Activate Your Atlantean Light Body & DNA


Activate Your Atlantean Light Body & DNA is an experiential learning course on the 13 Atlantean Chakras and 7 layers of the Aura via the Atlantean Mystery School teachings.
This is the same system utilized by the Temple Healers of Atlantis and Lemurian to keep their energy fields and frequencies at optimum connection to Soul and Source.


In this 3.5 hour online course Ameera will help you to:

💎Open up your Solar Water Light codes
💎Anchor your Atlantean Light Body into Gaia via your Earth Star Chakra
💎Naturally begin to heal and attune your DNA to your Star seed origins
💎Learn to clear your own Aura
💎Learn your Aura serves you
💎We will learn and practice activating our 13th Master (Sacred Soul) Chakra as well as learn to open, clear and heal the layers of our own Auric field.

This course will help you to intuitively understand where your body is out of balance and provide simple tools and resources to move, heal and alchemize your own body as energy.
In addition Ameera will also teach you the wisdom, philosophy and the 7 Sacred Laws of Atlantis and how to practice these “ Laws” to create a world of Common Unity.
As we return again to symbiosis of Divine Union with nature and humanity through the centrifugal point of the Vesica Piscis and the 144,000 Star seeds.

Upon Registration you will receive by email:
 🌟YouTube Videos of the Course
🌟Copy of Ameera's Powerpoint Presentaion (via Dropbox)

💦Ameera will also offer a complimentary personal 30 minute follow up through phone or Zoom




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