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Star Trek Bridge Commander Crack

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Star Trek Bridge Commander Crack

TORRES: Think of it like this. You're sitting at the bottom of a pond,which is frozen over, and you look up at the surface and you see areflection of yourself. Now, you might think you're looking at anotherperson sitting at the bottom of another pond, looking back at you.JANEWAY: And in this case, we'd be staring up at the surface of theevent horizon and seeing a time-delayed reflection of ourselves.CHAKOTAY: Are you saying we're the ones trapped in the singularity? TORRES: Unfortunately, yes. JANEWAY: You're right. It's the only theory that explains everythingthat's happened to us. We've probably been in this singularity since wefelt the first jolt.PARIS: Wait a minute. Wait. Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. Wewere cruising along at warp seven, then we pick up a distress call andmoved in to investigate. But now you're saying that the other ship isactually just a reflection of us and that the distress call is actuallyjust the Captain's opening hail. But we picked up the distress callbefore she sent the hail. How could we have been seeing a reflection ofsomething we hadn't even done yet? Am I making any sense here? JANEWAY: No, but that's okay. One of the more difficult concepts tograsp in temporal mechanics is that sometimes effect can precede cause.A reaction can be observed before the action which initiated it. KIM: So what do we do to get out?TORRES: I'm not sure. But I do know one thing. That as we slide deeperinto the singularity, the spatial distortions are increasing. Accordingto my calculations, within nine hours, they'll crush the ship.JANEWAY: If your analogy's correct, how do we get through that sheet ofice?TORRES: Look for a crack.JANEWAY: Or make a crack. Take something and smack it into the iceuntil it buckles.TORRES: Wait a minute. What if we've already made a crack in the ice?JANEWAY: When we first entered the event horizon.(Er, how do you make a hole in gravity?) TORRES: If we could find our entry point, we might be able to slip outthe way we came in.JANEWAY: So we'd be looking for a subspace instability in the eventhorizon. What would make it show up on our sensors?TORRES + JANEWAY: Warp particles.JANEWAY: If we saturate the event horizon with warp particles, we mightbe able to see the escaping through the rupture we made when weentered.

JANEWAY: Mister Tuvok, take the main deflector off-line. Mister Kim,reroute the port and starboard plasma flow to the main deflector. Wecan use it to generate a warp field.TUVOK: Deflectors off-line.KIM: Initialising plasma flow.JANEWAY: Release the warp particles. (An orange beam hits the black hole, lighting it up.) PARIS: Scanning the singularity.TORRES: Anything?KIM: Not yet. Warp particles at full intensity.PARIS: I'm picking up something. A slight irregularity. It could be arupture in the event horizon.JANEWAY: Put it on screen. PARIS: It is a rupture, Captain. It's fifteen metres by ten metres.TORRES: Oh, it's too small. It must have collapsed since we firstpassed through it.JANEWAY: We found the crack. That's the important thing. Now, how do wemake it bigger.TORRES: Put a wedge in it and force it open. We could try a dekyon beam.JANEWAY: All right, a dekyon beam. Mister Paris, bring us closer.PARIS: Captain, if we get too close to the rupture our warp enginesmight make it collapse even further.JANEWAY: Can we emit a beam from here?KIM: The rupture's over fifty million kilometres away. We don't haveenough power to project a dekyon beam that far.JANEWAY: We'll have to take a shuttlecraft.PARIS: You'll need the best pilot you've got in that shuttle, Captain.That'll be me.JANEWAY: Getting there is the easy part, Mister Paris. We need someonewho's familiar with the finer points of temporal mechanics, and unlessyou've been hiding your credentials, I don't think that's you.B'Elanna, you're with me. The Bridge is yours, Commander.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=PC Games Cheats code/cheat edit and hint pointers ListStarted by LAM Chi-fung ( maintained by LAM Chi-fungcf...@hk.super.netUpdated 13 April 1995 Beta .05Feel free to distribute this list.Please send all comments, updates, new cheats/crack/edits/maps/add-ons/hintpointers, corrections to:cf...@hk.super.netThanks to all people who contribute to this list.Unless submitter specified, otherwise contributor's name and e-mail addresswill not include due to the size of this list.Now, there is 2 ftp sites carry this list: Volker ( JonI can't guarantee the correctness of information in this list, since Ihaven't test all stuff in it.Each record is divided into several sessions:i)Cheat Codesii)Cheat Editiii)Crackiv)Editor/Trainerv)Patchesvi)Solution/Hint/mapsvii) Add-onFor cheat edit, most probably you need a hex editor e.g. PCTOOLS, NortonDiskedit, there are some game cheat editor in ftp, e.g. UGEPlease specify the version of the game for cheat edit,e.g. Master of Magic 1.3or specify the size/time/date of the edited 47845 04-Sep-91 5:00ayou may need to use UNLZEXE or UNP to 'decompress' the file before editit.UNP 4.10 can be found at: Lordsoth, Thanks you for the site and the X-Wing/OMF etc site. mirrored to *** Always backup the file before edit it*** In most case, a patch will not upgrade a cracked/patched game.Especially the one which modify the EXE.In general, 'cheat codes' is better than cheat edit.Be mind that crack/cheat may only apply to specific version.One useful game patching tools is Game Tools, current version is 3.23, 1way to get it is by finger the author WONG Wing-kin ( the end of this list, there are some pointers to another informationsource, if you can't find info in this list, you may try those places.'*' before game means new or revised since last updateGames cover in this list: 1942 4D Boxing 688 Sub Attack 7-Up A-train Ace over the Pacific AirDuel Al Qadim *Aladdin Alien Breed Alien Carnage Alien Legacy *Alone in the Dark Alone in The Dark III Another World *Aragon Sword Arena *Arkanoid Baby Joe Bad Blood Bard's Tale Bard's Tale II Bard's Tale III Bargon Attack Batman Battle Bugs Battle Chess Battle Isle II Beyond Zork BioBMENACE *BioForge Black Cauldron Black Throne *Blake Stone Blue Force Cannon Folder Chaos Engine Chessmaster 4000 Chronoquest *Civilization Clash of Steel Colonels Bequest Colonization *Comanche Combat II Command Adventure-Starship Command HQ Conquest of Camelot Conquest of the Longbow Corridor 7 *Cougar Force CrackDown Crime Patrol *Crime Wave Cyclemania D-Day Darkseed Dark Forces Dark Legions Dark Queen of Krynn *Dark Seed Dark Sun Dark Sun II Death Gate DejaVu 2 Delta V Derby Stallion Descent Desert Strike *Disc World Disciples of Steel Dizzy World Fantasy DOOM DOOM II Dracula Dracula Unleashed Dragon Lair Dragon Lore Dragon Sphere Dragon Wars DreamWeb Dschump Duck Tales Dungeon Master Ecoquest Elvira Elvira II *Epic Pinball Eye of Beholder I Eye of the Beholder II Eye of Beholder III F-117A *F-15 *F-16 Falcon 3.0 Fantasy Empire FlashBack Flight Commander II Flight Simulator 5.0 Front Page Sport : Baseball '94 Front Page Sports Football Pro Future Wars *Garbiel Knight Geisha God Father Gremlins II Hack Hacker *Hardball III Hardball IV *Harpoon II Heimdall Hell Heretic Hero's Quest/Quest for Glory Hero's Quest II/Quest for Glory II Hero's Quest III/Quest for Glory III Hero Quest IV/Quest of Glory IV Highway Hunter Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy Hocus Pocus Hollywood Hijinks *Horde Hugo Hugo II Incredible Toons Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis *IndyCar Infocom *Innocent until Caught II : Guilty Jack Nicklaus Signature Tour Vol 2 Jammit Basketball Jazz Jackrabbit Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour Jordon in Flight *Jungle Strike Keen 4 Keen 6 Kick off 3 European Challenge Kings Quest I Kings Quest II Kings Quest III Kings Quest IV Kings Quest V Kings Quest VI Kings Quest VII Knight of the Sky *Knights of Xentar Krusty's Super Fun House *Kyrandia I Kyrandia II Kyrandia III - Malcolm's Revenge Lands of Lore Laura Bow II Leather Goddesses of Phobos Leather Goddesses of Phobos II Leisure Suit Larry I Leisure Suit Larry II Leisure Suit Larry III Leisure Suit Larry VI Lemmings Lemmings II LightSpeed Lion King Litil Divil Lode Runner for Windows Logo Lyrid Crossword Mad Dog 2 Magic Candle III Magic Carpet Maniac Mansion II : Day of the Tentacle Mansell's World Championship Mario's Time Machine *Master of Magic *Master of Orion Megaman Mean Streets Mega Lo Mania Merchant Prince Metal & Lace Metal Marines Microcosm Might & Magic III Might & Magic V *Monkey Island II Mortal Kombat *Mortal Kombat II Myst *Nascar Neuromancer Noctropolis Nova 9 *NovaStorm *Omar Bridge Omega *One Must Fall 2097 Oscar Outpost *Outrun Pacific War Panzer General Pea Shootin' Pete *PGA Golf Pinball Fantasies Planet Football Police Quest I Police Quest II Police Quest III Police Quest IV *Populous Populous II Power Drive Prehistorik Premier Manager 2 *Prince of Pursia *Prince of Pursia II Privateer Project - X Quarantine Raiden *Railroad Tycoon Rally Raptor Ravenloft Reach for the Skies Realms of Arkania Realms of Arkania II Rebel Assult Red Crystal Relentless *Return of Phantom Return to Zork Reunion Rise of The Robot Rise of The Triad Robin Hood Robocod Robosport Roller Blade Racer Sam & Max hit the road Sand Storm Seal Team Sensible Soccer *Serfcity Sex Vixen ShadowGate *SimCity 2000 *SimFarm Simon the Sorcerer SKUNNY KART SKUNNY - BACK TO THE FOREST SKUNNY - DESERT RAID SKUNNY - LOST IN SPACE SKUNNY - SAVE OUR PIZZAS SKUNNY - WildWest Soccer Kid Space Ace Space Nightmare Space Privates Space Quest I Space Quest II Space Quest III Space Quest IV Speedball II Spring Break Star-Control II StarLord Star Trek-25th Anniversary *Strike Commander Strike Football *Strip Poker for Windows Strong Hold Sub-Marine Riptide SubWar 2050 Summoning Supaplex Super Frog Surf Ninjas Syndicate System Shock T2 Terminator Rampage TFX Theme Park The 7th Guest The Adventures of Willy Beamish The Blue and The Grey The Even More Increditable Machine The Grandest Fleet The Legacy The Light Corridor The Lost Vikings *Tie Fighter Titus the Fox Tom Laundry Strategy Football Tornado Tradewar 2002 Transport Tycoon Trog Trolls Tubular Worlds *Tunnels of Armageddon UFO: Enemy Unknown/X-COM *UFO II: Terror from The Deep Ultima VI Ultima VII *Ultima VIII Ultima Underworld II Under A Killing Moon Uninvited *Utopia Viking II Wacky Wheels WarCraft *Warth of Gods Worlords II *WingCommander I *WingCommander II *WingCommander III Wing Commander Armada Winter Olympic 94 Wizardary VII *World Circuit *X-Wing Zeliard Zool II Zork I Zork II Zork III Zork 1+2+3=========================================================================1942v) Patches Boxingiv) Editor/Trainer Sub Attackvi) Solution/Hint/Map Cheat Codes0 restore energyF6 add COOL %M can move freely, press again to restore+ skip level5 replay and change level of difficulityF4 reduce energy to minimunF10 time become 10 secondsselect levelpause the game (use 1 or END) and oress A-K to select leveliii) Crackedit ZX.EXEgo sector 1 offset 269 - 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Pressing [B] [I] [G] all at the same time will give you full health and jetpack power.+ Debug mode - The following debug keys work for version 1.1 of Halloween Harry only: [ctrl] [R] [E] [N] - Gives you all weapons, and activates god mode for several seconds. [alt] [L] - Level warp. Type the number of the episode (1-4), followed by the number of the level (1-5). Illegal input will dump you to DOS. This can not be used in the shareware version to access levels in the registered version. [alt] [=] - Change location within a level. Type coordinates after this code; illegal input will probably crash the game.+ Tech Parameter - Pressing these four keys at the same time will show you the coordinates you are at on the level. This serves no real function on its own, but it is used by Apogee's Game Hint Line sometimes to locate a player in a level. The keys are [ctrl] [alt] [rshift] [F12]+ Misc Command Line Parameter - "skip" will start the game directly from the main menu.------------------------------------------------------------------------Alien Legacyv) Patches in the Darkiii) Crackedit INDARK.CC1search C4 6F 5E 75 28 F7 8D C6change -- -- -- EB 1A -- -- --vi) Solution/Hint/Map in The Dark IIIvi) Solutions/Hints -----------------------------------------------------------------------Another Worldiv) Editor/Trainer Swordiii) Crackedit SWORD.EXEsearch 75 03 E9 52 00 FF 06 8E 89change 90 90 -- -- -- -- -- -- ----------------------------------------------------------------------Arenav) Patches (to 1.06) /.14/dresden/games/patches/ Cheat editundeadedit ARKANOID.EXEsearch FE 0E A9 02 74 0Bchange C6 06 A9 02 74 0B--------------------------------------------------------------------Baby Joeiv) Editor/Trainer Bloodii) Cheat Editedit save game, offset 26C, change to FF, give 255 health------------------------------------------------------------------Bard's Talevi) Solution/Hint/Map's Tale IIvi) Solution/Hint/Map's Tale IIIvi) Solution/Hint/Map Attackiii) CrackUNLZEXE LOADER.EXEedit LOADER.EXEsearch 74 03 E9 71 FB C7 06change EB -- -- -- -- -- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Batmani) Cheat Codestype JAMMMM in the title screen, now have unlimit life and can use F10to warp.-----------------------------------------------------------------Battle Bugsiii) Crack bypass passwordedit BUGS.EXEgo sector 146 offset 247 - 248change 75 2B to 90 90go sector 146 offset 266 - 267change 75 18 to 90 90----------------------------------------------------------------------------Battle Chessv) PatchesCD version Isle IIv) Patches


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