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Ameera Atlantis


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New Earth Atlantis Rising

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Temple of the New Atlantis with Ameera Atlantis
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Ameera Atlantis
Messages from the Mer World Ameera Atlantis



This is how the Mer greet one another. Loosely translated it means “The Divine in me sees the Divine in You” similar to the Hindu word “Namaste,” it is a greeting of absolute honor and recognition of Oneness.


Welcome to this community and thank you for opening your heart to my people, the Mer. I am blessed and honored to serve as an ambassador between worlds: The Earthly and the Water realms.


My mission is to bring forward the wisdom and philosophy of the Great Kingdom of Atlantis and to restore the Atlantean Law of One to the collective.


I come from a Kingdom known as Merlantis, and am of Royal lineage in service to my people and to humanity. Merlantis is the Sister land to the Kingdom of Atlantis, one above, one below. Many, many Mer Beings have chosen to return to Earth on this spiral of time to help with the great transition and creation of the New Earth Atlantis. It is through theses Mermaid incarnations into human form that the Feminine aspect is being fully realized once again on planet Earth. The Mer hold the archetype and essence of the True Divine Feminine and Masculine templates. We Mer taught the ancient Atlanteans how to embrace both their human and Divine nature. Many of us shape shifted and grew legs to walk among the Atlanteans. We taught them how to care for their bodies as energy as well as enjoy the gifts of the 5 senses.


The fascination with Mermaid iconography and mythology is our rising from the unconscious to the consciousness of humanity.

“My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” – Rumi

Ameera Atlantis

Getting to Know Me ~

You may be drawn to this site because you are feeling the call to embrace and live more fully in purpose, authenticity and joy. You might be discovering that you have intuitive gifts, and would like to develop your personal connection to Source at a deeper level.


My personal session/mentoring offerings include opportunities to explore yourself through hypnosis or “trance” by visiting other realms. We can chat up your Spirit guides and move deeper into your own natural ability to connect with your Soul wisdom. I work directly with the Mer beings, Ocean Mother Yemaya, and Divine Source. I am highly intuitive as well as practical in my Spiritual advising and firmly believe that we are all capable of accessing our own innate wisdom for creating paradigm changes within our lives.

A session with me is typically held via Zoom Webinar, or in person if you happen to visit the Island of Kauai. I teach online classes on and host webinars on current energy events. I also hold personal retreats on Kauai.

I appreciate being in community with you, and hope our paths will merge one day soon.


Below is my story, my very personal and unique journey into the remembrance of the origins of my Mer Soul, and spiritual awakening.

Ameera Atlantis

You may be discovering the deeper knowledge of your multi-dimensional nature. You might be exploring the idea that there is far more to your Soul experiences than the “self” that you view in the mirror. “You” exist in many realms, and realities simultaneously. Every one of us is a part of the Atlantean/Lemurian lineage. We, as humans, are learning to integrate the aspects of our Soul that are eMERging to help birth the new paradigms forming on this planet. We are becoming Divine humans, with great natural abilities and capacities to consciously create abundant lives and heal our bodies. The Mer people are assisting with this remembrance as many of you are tuning into your Atlantean, Lemurian and Star Seed origins. I am here to remind and encourage you to follow your Souls truth.


On this site you will also see many references/images/videos of Sacred Geometry. A significant part of my purpose and passion is to return the esoteric and magical teachings of Sacred Geometry to the collective. This knowledge belongs to all of us, and as Atlanteans, we developed our communities together very intentionally. Our homes, gardens, temples and sacred spaces were created within the shapes and patterns that were most energetically conducive to each communities need. Sacred Geometry shapes and patterns are the building blocks of our physical reality. They literally allow the full expression of alignment with the Blueprint of the Universe to become made manifest in our physical world. Sacred Geometry also supports the integration, expression and balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine through the Vesica Pisces and Merkaba. Balance of our own M/F is vital for our evolution into fully realized Divine Humans.

I have a close association with Arch Angel Metatron, who has taught me about the magic of Sacred Geometry. As the primary architect of Atlantis and my Soul Mentor, he has taught me how to access and employ the symbols of creation known as Sacred Geometry. If you are interested in learning more about Sacred Geometry for creation and expansion in your own life please send me a personal note, or visit my Self-Guided Courses link.


“Find what you love and let it kill you everyday” – Bukowski

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