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Ameera Atlantis

Ameera Atlantis

My remembrance as a mer-being began in 2005 one afternoon while meditating. I began to feel a gentle flow of energy move throughout my body, and to my astonishment, my arms rose up in the air and began to move and sway in graceful swim-like motions completely on their own!


At first I thought it was angels or fairies playing with me, as my hands and arms tingled with the energy of the elegant movements. I soon realized that this sacred energy was within me, moving through me at all times. I simply had to yield to the gentle force moving within and allow it to flow freely throughout my being. I soon began to writhe with full body movements as the mermaid/dolphin within merged dimensionally with my physical body. The sensation was one of pure ecstasy and awe and felt wonderfully familiar.


Through water meditations and past life regressions I began to rediscover the potential of my newly remembered Mermaid self. I recalled the experiences of being a healer in Atlantis, shape shifting from Mer to human form. I became conscious that this divine force, channeled from the The Creator and Mer world, still flowed through me.


I soon began to extend my healing gifts and remembrances to others transferring waves of aquaferian light to the 13 Chakras. In my training to become an Advanced Past Life Regression Therapist I journeyed into the memories of my Soul many times. Along the way, I remembered my mermaid name as Ameera, and met my beloved Twin Ray, Areen, who is an aspect of Poseidon. As my mate in the Mer world, Poseidon lovingly assists me between the Earth realm and world of water that feels so much like home. I also had the deeply moving experience of reuniting with my Mer-family and long lost friendships with many dolphins and sea turtles.


The remembrances of my existence as a Mer person and the gifts brought forward into this lifetime have been filled with vivid emotions, joy and a longing to return to my ocean home. As I continue to explore my connection to the Mer world I am blessed to have the encouragement and support of my Spiritual family.


I suppose on some level I have always known that a part of my existence was down in the depths of the ocean. It feels so natural to be connected to this aspect of my soul, and know myself as a multidimensional Mer. It is my hope that those who are remembering lifetimes in Atlantis and Lemuria will find my experiences helpful in their own journey. It is my desire to assist and reconnect those of us who carry lineages of Star seed origins in our bodies to one another and to our cherished planet. In this time of great change and awakening, I am honored to be part of the dawning of the New Earth Atlantis.


Cheers to the New Earth Atlantean/Lemurian in all of us, and to the rising of common-unity as One.

Ameera Atlantis Mer Healer 

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