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The foundational intentions of our community are: 
  1. Law of One – All beings are equal and One with the Creator.

  2. Law of Unconditional Love - We free ourselves of judgments and allow all to experience life in its unfolding.

  3. Law of Manifestation - We agree to create within our Free will merge with Divine Will for the greater good of all.

  4. Law of Grace - Nothing is unforgivable, no one is unlovable. Through our acts of forgiveness and self-responsibility, we heal.

  5. Law of Intention – We intend to create with integrity and honor in our choices.

  6. Law of Responsibility – We are responsible to manage and own our actions and energy.

  7. Law of Karma – We acknowledge that our actions, words, and thoughts bring cycles and learning directly into our life experience.

We honor God’s active presence in the World as a panentheistic partner. 

We honor the natural organic world and the cycles of nature 

We honor the many paths and names for God 

We acknowledge the Divinity within all, and seek to cultivate Divinity within ourselves. 

We embrace our own unique connection to God and to our inner wisdom 

Founder, Ameera Beth, Universal Life Minister, has created this community as a safe and sacred space for all who wish to align with the intentions of sovereignty, grace, and love.

Place of worship is encouraged to be within your own body temple and in nature.

In development: Weekly offerings of Spiritual guidance, education, and the reunionization of the Great Kingdom of Atlantis.

Current Services Offered:

  • Spiritual/emotional healing sessions  

  • Intuitive Guidance/Life Counseling

  • Past Life Therapy and Regressions

  • 13 Chakra/Aura Healings

  • Learning Courses on Atlantean Teachings, Past Life Therapy and Energy Alignments. 

  • Weddings/Commitment Ceremonies

  • Girls Rites of Passage Ceremonies

  • Passing of Life Ceremonies

  • Religious Exemptions Available

Receive lifetime membership for a ONE-TIME suggested donation of $22.00Contribute more if you are called and no one is turned away for lack of funds.


Your membership donations help to cover the costs of Legal Fees and Website creation.


For more information please contact

Mahalo Nui for your support and for becoming a part of the New Earth Atlantis.


Love, Ameera 

Sovereignty, grace, love and the Law of One

As the founder, Ameera Atlantis, who is a Universal Life Minister, has created this community

as a safe and sacred space for all who wish to align with the intentions

of sovereignty, grace, and love.


Welcome ~ This is a very exciting time on Earth!

This online space has become an integration of Ameera’s healing services, Atlantean Temple and tools for ascension. Thank you for being here as we step deeper into Soul Mission and purpose together.

The Temple of the New Atlantis was created as a 508c1a organization in 2021 as a solution to concerns over the loss of rights and privileges for body sovereignty. We are considered a “free church” which simply means we are able to operate outside the authority of State or Government overreach. Our foundational intentions are the honoring of Natural Laws, and the 7 Spiritual Laws of Atlantis. “Sovereignty “is defined as “Having supreme power or authority/self-governing.”


Our philosophy and teachings align with the truth that there is no authority greater than the wisdom of the Soul. We are considered a church under the guidelines of a Private Ministry Association. All purchases of products and services are accepted as “contributions” to the Temple of the New Atlantis. This allows us to legally and ethically maintain sovereignty as an Unassociated Organization free to create solely with God.


Becoming a member is easy and all who feel aligned are welcome!


Simply click here to email me, and we will connect directly.

“I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living" - Anais Nin

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