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Ameera Atlantis

Welcome to The Temple of the New Atlantis DNA and Water Activation Academy


“I Am the Temple, you are the Temple”


Aloha, I am Ameera Atlantis, and it is my deep pleasure to offer you a learning center and community dedicated to the rising of the Golden Age of New Earth Atlantis. My mission is to help rewrite and course-correct the timelines of the spiral of the last fall of Atlantis 13,000 years ago. It is my heart felt intention to return the Law of One and the 7 Sacred Laws of Atlantis back to the collective.


The Temple of the New Atlantis is a Water Temple. Together with my family, The People of the Mer Kingdom, I have created a vessel for merging worlds, timelines and hearts through our DNA water codes.


I created the Temple of the New Atlantis to invoke our Sacred DNA gifts and memories. The remembrances of our lifetimes in the Kingdom of Atlantis, Lemuria and the Mer World allow us to birth a new world where all are honored. I offer my students an opportunity to embody the ancient Atlantean teachings, philosophy and ways of being as they were originally intended: Unity.


It is my desire to offer tools and teachings to reactivate the esoteric wisdom and coding within the waters of your cells. Through reawakening our DNA and Light Body we move closer to the realization of our Divine Eternal Nature as Atlantean or Lemurian Brothers or Sisters.


Bridging and harmonizing these two great communities as Masculine and Feminine compliments for humanity will create balance within each one of us. You are the bridge; I am the bridge.


What is the Great Kingdom of Atlantis?


13,000 years ago, The Great Kingdom of Atlantis was created as a utopian epicenter for arts, science, and creativity. The purpose of the Atlantean “experiment” was to co-create unity with Gaia and God as 5th dimensional Beings in a 3rd dimensional body. The Mer People as well as Star Beings from all over the galaxy were invited to take part in the Atlantean community. The quest was to embrace the 7 Spiritual Laws set as guideposts for living in heart centered harmony. You, as an incarnated Star Seed hold the keys, codes and lineages vital to restoring Heaven on Earth as Atlantis and Lemuria were originally intended. The Atlantis experience was terminated for many reasons, mainly, the infiltration of ego and corruption that led the people of Atlantis away from of the Law of One. As we move deeper into the Aquarian age, our individual ascension process is calling us to actualize a reality where love and truth reign supreme once again.

Are you ready to come home?

The Atlantean DNA and Water Activation Academy has been created in service to help restore the Water Temples of the Atlantean Kingdom here on Earth and the Kingdom within. My remembrance of Atlantis comes directly from my Mer lineage and memories of living and serving in the Water Temples of Atlantis. I believe there is no authority greater than the innate wisdom of the Soul and the alignment to Divine purpose.


Your Soul knows…you may have resonance with the idea that you once lived within the shinning walls of the Atlantean Kingdom. You likely recall wandering the many lush and fragrant gardens or serving in the crystalline light Temple of Poseidon. You might remember the magnificent architecture and water features or have glimpses of the beautiful Atlantean Beings who lovingly cared for the land. Most importantly, you may have a deep calling to explore your lifetime as an Atlantean/Lemurian Priest or Priestess


If these words align with your Soul truth, please view the offerings of the Temple of the New Atlantis DNA and Water Activation Academy. Your Sacred Yes to the vision of restoring the original templates and intention of the Great Kingdom of Atlantis is vital for the acceleration of actualizing the next Golden Age. Together, we are bringing the gifts of our DNA and Soul awareness more consciously into this timeline.


The New Earth Atlantis is intended to become heaven on Earth for all great Beings accepting mastery and sovereignty as multidimensional living Men and Women. By course correcting the timelines of the last Fall of Atlantis we alchemize the stories within our DNA that tether us to the past; we heal Atlantis. I am humbled and excited to help weave new myths into the Timelines, the stories of the exalted humans of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Please feel free to explore the courses currently being offered as a Gateway to embodying our Atlantean DNA and Light Body. Soon, I will be growing this community with additional layers of online offerings, live courses and Atlantean Ministry Ordinations.


How do I learn more?


If you would like to stay in touch and go deeper into Atlantean theology and community please visit Temple of the New Atlantis and sign up for Temple Membership. I look forward to co-creating the New Earth Atlantis and Lemuria with you. 

Hail the New Earth Atlantis ✨🔱✨

Oceans of Aloha,

Priestess Ameera Beth

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