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Ameera Atlantis

Ameera Beth has been an Ordained Minister since 2006 thru Universal Life Church and trained and initiated in the Ways of the Sacred Feminine thru Life Blessing Ministries. As one who sees and feels ONENESS in all people and spiritual traditions, she is able to work within most spiritual beliefs or practices. AmeeraBeth offers a full line of Ministry Services, and feels that Sacred Ceremony, especially in community, is a vital element in creating a deeper union with Spirit, Mother Earth, and with one another.


Ministry Services, Ceremonies & Rates

Ministry Service

Ceremony and ritual are part of our very nature. The need to come together to honor and commemorate significant events in our lives is a part of our DNA, and in our earliest soul memories. In her ceremonies, Ameera Beth often incorporates Native American traditions, Hawaiian, and Goddess rituals as well as traditional Christian archetypes and beliefs. She is open to incorporating rituals from a variety of Spiritualities, can easily weave together a “custom ceremony” based on the desires of the family or community she is serving.

Ameera specializes in epic “location” Kauai weddings and commitment ceremonies. She has done many ceremonies near waterfalls, at gorgeous beach fronts, and sacred spaces around the Island. She will co create the special event in your life exactly as it feels true to your intentions and Spirit. Your vision is important to Ameera, and she will give you a memory that is a reflection of your dreams come true.

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