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Ameera Atlantis

Atlantean Energy Healing

13 Chakra and Aura Clearning

The Atlantean Wisdom lineage consists of 13 energy centers within the Aura, beginning with the Earth Star Chakra beneath the feet and completing with the Golden Gateway above the head.


The number 13 is important for its association with the Goddess, and because it reduces to a 4, it also holds the archetypal energy of The Emperor in Tarot. This makes 13 an integration of masculine and feminine balance, as well as the number associated with Mastery.


Jesus had 12 disciples, King Arthur - 12 Knights of the Round Table…


When you bring in the 13th, The Master, the cycle of completion with 12 creates as new beginning and level of sovereign leadership within.


What is your 13th Master Energy Center?


It is known as the Sacred Soul Chakra, and it rests between your Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras.


Ameera’s remembrance as an Atlantean Temple Priestess and Mer Being allows for this ancient practice of clearing and healing the body to be utilized once again on this Timeline. It was the Mer People who taught the Atlanteans the knowledge of harmonizing their 13 energy centers and Aura. The Mer taught the Atlanteans how to manage their newly human bodies and create a seamless connection to Source.


In an Atlantean Energy Healing Session, this ancient information becomes an active treatment of releasing old thought patterns, and energetic “intrusions.” Ameera assists you in recalibrating your malleable and impressionable Auric field, bringing in more of your Divine Eternal Presence and Soul mission.


Ameera is particularly effective in removing Spirit attachments, and healing holes, tears, and slits in the Auric field. This allows you to create better boundaries, and become an emitter of your own frequency instead of an absorber. Her sessions are especially helpful to empathic and sensitive people who desire to learn how to become more grounded.


Ameera brings in the Gold Ray and the Five Blue Water Rays for deep Spiritual/energetic cleansing. This infusion of the chakras and aura acts as an energetic gateway to the Dolphins, Mer beings and to the Ocean itself. She encourages her clients to use visualization to powerfully co-create a complete and balanced energetic body.


Her clients often experienced spontaneous physical and emotional healing in just one session.


Ameera’s Soul lineage to the Mer World embraces the fact that the mana of water is vital in all human beings. Water not only represents emotion, purity, and Life Force, it is the most significant component of our bodies as well as the Earth’s body. The Aqua-Ferians of Mintaka help to bring this powerfully transformative and essential element into the healing session.


Ameera works closely with your Higher Guidance to provide a sacred space for you to connect more fully to your own Soul. She will often offer teaching tools in the moment to assist you going forward in learning to maintain balance and clarity within your energy field.


Atlantean Energy Healing can be held remotely by Zoom just as effectively as in person.

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