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Ameera Atlantis

Atlantis/Lemuria Reconnection Session

A Reconnection Session is an opportunity to visit a significant past life in either Lemurian or
Atlantis via hypnosis.

Past Lives are really simultaneous lives, meaning, we exist in multiple realities at once.
Reconnection takes place as we bravely recall the memories of specific or profound events
that are meant to help us shift/heal in our current reality.

In other words, our mind reconnects consciously to what the Soul knows, and an integration
takes place.

The imprints of Atlantean and Lemurian lifetimes are an important theme in our current reality.
Many of us feel strongly connected to these lands as our Soul asks for the memories to be

Remembering these lifetimes can be important to those who wish to bring forward Spiritual
gifts, clear traumatic events, or recall specific information relevant to life’s path and mission.

Many of us are reclaiming our Star Seed origins and healing our other lifetime selves in
preparation for ascension. We are learning about our multi-dimensional nature, and what we
karmically bring forward to resolve and release.

Journeys into ancient lands like Atlantis or Lemuria can have a profound healing effect for this
life as we learn more about our Soul history.

Ameera is an Advanced Level Regression Facilitator and uses a gentle induction to relax your
body and open your subconscious. This allows memories of a significant lifetime to be easily
revealed. Even if you are brand new to hypnosis, Ameera’s expertise and guidance will allow
your Souls natural powers of recall to bring forward very specific and helpful information.

Ameera’s own deep seeded connection and remembrance to the eras of Lemuria and Atlantis
allow her to be an authentic and loving guide through your personal process.

Sessions are held by Zoom, and can be recorded upon request.

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