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Ameera Atlantis

Intro to Sacred Geometry & Archangel Metatron

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Meet Archangel Metatron and all the Angels that play a role in our manifesting abilities. Whether you are brand new to Sacred Geometry or desire to expand your understanding, Ameera delivers a course that will help you to become a better creator. Included with your course is a 3 hour go at your own pace video and 55-page downloadable PowerPoint to follow along. In this course you will learn: ~Who is Arch Angel Metatron and what role does he play in our evolution ~What are the shapes that comprise Metatron’s Cube and what do they mean ~What are the 5 Platonic Solids ~How has SG been utilized throughout history by esoteric groups and corporations ~How have we been negatively affected by reversals and misuse of SG? ~Who are the other Arch Angels who hold energy in Metatron’s Cube ~How do I use SG and the ancient knowledge and cocreate better in my life Also included is a mediation to bring AA Metatron and Sacred Geometry into your electromagnetic field for a more personal connection. To pay and gain access to the course, please set up your login details by joining my website down below.

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