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Ameera Atlantis

Intuitive Guidance

The truth is always found “within”, at least that is what Ameera Beth knows, teaches and believes to be true. However, there may be occasions when we are in need of a little extra assistance or information in order to be clear about situations and concerns in our lives.

An intuitive reading is a way to gain clarity, shift energies and expand possibilities. Ameera Beth is a true believer in empowering others to learn to tap into their own natural intuitive abilities, and to connect with the angels and guides surrounding us and offering support.

The future is never set “in stone”. We human beings are wonderful creators and manifesters of our own reality and our own destinies. Ameera Beth’s place is to hold space for questions, concerns and desires, while allowing your angelic guidance and hers to communicate for the highest and best resolutions of the situations at hand.

She feels very strongly that she is here to help others expand and understand their own natural intuitive gifts. If you are drawn to this page and are considering a reading, it is likely you are experiencing the desire to learn more about who you are as a Spiritual Being, and are feeling the urge to remember the gifts, talents and abilities you came into this life to explore.

As a deep listener and empathetic healer, Ameera Beth honors each individual path and choice. She is here to offer her perspective and guidance on the energies and situations that are currently transitioning or taking place in your life.

After an intuitive reading Ameera Beth’s clients often report having confirmation of what the heart knows to be 

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