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Ameera Atlantis

Past Life Regression

A Past Life isn’t really “past” at all!

Why? Because time is not linear even through the “past, present, future” construct is how we are taught to navigate the world around us.

“Time” does not really even exist! Time is a 3D paradigm designed to help make sense of our physical reality and record events throughout our lifetime.

If this is a new idea for you, that’s ok. It’s quite a concept to roll around in your mind.
But if you are willing to try what you are about to read will start to make some sense.
Simplistically explained, “time” is more like a spiral with layers of experiences woven
together like an exquisite tapestry. We are Multi Dimensional Beings existing in
countless realities, universes, and dimensions all occurring at the same time.

Everything happening is happening now.

All realities are simultaneous.

The version of "you” conscious of reading these words in this moment is but a mere
fraction of the totality of your potential simultaneous Soul existences. The tapestry of
possibilities for versions of you in other existences is limitless.

When you visit a past life with Ameera it will be through hypnosis. Within a gentle state of “trance” you will be remembering an aspect of your Soul that exists on another line of time of simultaneous reality.

Our Soul records are stored deep within our subconscious, cells and DNA. The
hypnosis allows for the relaxation and focus of your unconscious mind to access
information we typically don’t have in our “walking around state.”

To begin, you will need an intention for the session. If you are unsure Ameera will help you to to define a purpose for the regression that will help you some way in this life.

There could be a variety of reasons you are called to explore another lifetime. For
example, have you ever felt unexplainably connected to a location or certain people in this life?

Do you have flashes of remembrances of other places and times, dreams, or de ja’ vu like experiences?

Are you simply curious about your past lives?

A Regression is a wonderful and unique way to gain an understanding of the talents, gifts and patterns we bring with us from lifetime to lifetime. As an advanced level certified facilitator, Ameera uses a light hypnotic trance and gentle, probing open ended questions enabling you to clearly recall people, events, and locations in past lifetimes.

A Regression can also be helpful for:

  • Discovering and releasing the origins of unhealthy life patterns or addictions

  • An adjunct to healing physical dis-ease in the body

  • Bringing clarity, healing and understanding to difficult or traumatic relationships

  • Remembering and gaining access to lifetimes where you were spiritually and emotionally fulfilled

Because all information comes from your own remembrance and spiritual connection, a Regression is a great way to strengthen your intuition and relationship to your Soul Guidance.

Brand new to hypnosis? Great! Ameera is a very good teacher. She will help you learn how to “see” and tap into your multi senses to have a successful and meaningful experience.

Ready? Please click the button below to schedule your Past life Regression with

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