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Your Body as Energy and Speaking Your Truth

Everything is energy… everything. Your actions, your words, your thoughts, and even your thoughts about your thoughts… all energy. Human beings are great big energy generators. We shape, create, and experience our reality through the framework of the perceptions of every situation we create and hold as our truth. Most of how we create our reality is unconscious. Meaning we are not consciously aware of how we are causing our reality to come too us, because our thoughts, and the emotions behind those thoughts are causing our life experiences to be birthed without us even realizing how. For most of us, the emotions of fear, anxiety and the unknown cause us to call in experiences through our thoughts that make life more challenging than we would like it to be. For example, our willingness to speak or truth, or not. For many of us, a reluctance to speak authentically to those around us can be a real challenge. It can even be quite scary. As children we are not always taught it is ok or safe to speak about our true feelings. I find this to be especially true in women. We live in a society that often teaches women to be “people pleasers” or peacekeepers. Females are often responsible for the care taking in our families, our Spiritual communities and in our work environments. We are the givers, and the they “glue” in our communities. We hold everything and everyone together. Because of all this responsibility it can be difficult for us to honor our own individual needs and desires. Women place their needs last on the list, or not at all. We are reluctant to speak our truth.

So how does this relate to energy?

As energetic beings, we have centers inside of us called Chakras… a Sanskrit word for “Wheel of light”. These Chakra energy centers, that start just beneath our feet (Earth Star) and continue up through our bodies and above our heads (completing with the Stellar gateway 13 major chakras in all) hold information… they hold your energy. Each chakra has a special color and significance. They are filled with the imprints of every experience, thought and memory of this lifetime, and past lives. I am not going to go to deeply into the meaning of each Chakra in this blog, except to recommend that if you are unfamiliar, you may want to find a good Chakra book and begin to explore your own body as energy.

In addition to energy centers in our body, we have a Aura that surrounds our body, head to toe, front to back and side to side. It is an egg shaped bubble we all walk around in that contains our energy… information about what we are processing, picking up from others around us and sending our into the world. We are all vibrating antennas of information and we are constantly sending out and receiving information from our environment and the energy of others. For many of us, our Auras act as sponges… we absorb the energy of everyone else very easily. This can cause a variety of feelings and symptoms to appear in our bodies, including physical illness, or emotional/mental stress, as it can become unclear what is our thoughts emotions, (energy) and what may belong to someone else. When we pick up vibrations from others, it can cause us to feel unwell on many levels, and unless we recognize when we are holding the energy of other in our Auric field and how to release it, it can make life very uncomfortable. I find it to be very important that our sensitive Auric field act as a protector, or container for our own energy instead of a an absorber.

How do we do this?

One way is to create healthy boundaries in all relationships. We create these boundaries by speaking our truth. There is Chakra in the throat. The Throat Chakra is about our ability to speak up and speak our for ourselves. To voice your desires freely. How do we feel when we are not speaking our truth? Usually very disempowered, invisible and helpless. A clear throat Chakra, as well as clearing and opening all the chakras can begin to allow us to verbalize the energy that will consciously choose how we create the relationship around us. How do we feel when we are brave enough to honor our truth? Empowered, courageous, and authentic. We feel respected. Speaking your truth and setting boundaries in all interactions is a a form of self love and self care, and a sign of a healthy woman who is willing to honor her own intuition, speak from the heart and create consciously!!

Please read the following testimonial from a student in one of my courses. Helping you learn how to heal yourself is very important to me!~ You do have al the power to maintain an clear, clean body as energy:

“I attended a 13 chakra clearing and aura protection shield of Ameera’s as well. What is so very cool about Ameera’s workshops is that she teaches us to do the work on ourselves. Prior to attending her workshop, I was experiencing constant blood sugar crashes, or what appeared to me to be this. They were horrible, and sometimes last for a half hour, even after I ate some protein, which in the past would help. I had my blood tested (please note, it was a spur of the moment test during a different exam and I had not fasted appropriately). The results showed that I was pre-diabetic. I am healthy, thin, exercise, eat well, so this diagnosis seemed unusual to me. All my research showed that I was NOT a candidate for prediabetes. So why all these symptoms? During the workshop, Ameera mentioned that the energies of the planet are crazy right now and those who are sensitive to them are experiencing many “wonky” symptoms”. The word “wonky” exactly described how I was felling. Here is the fascinating thing!!! The moment I cleansed my Chakras and put up a protective Aura shield, my symptoms left me. If there is a moment that I feel they are coming back, I take a moment to center and ground myself, do a cleaning, and I am instantly better. This is powerful to note how energy, which is everywhere and everything can affect us physically. Modern medicine can’t always pick up on or prescribe ways for us to protect our bodies from this energy. We need people like Ameera, who are guided and trained and filled with nothing but the best for her clients and their healing.

Had I gone back to my doctor, she suggested that I may need to be put on insulin. That, I have found in my research is horrible for pre-diabetes patients. I will continue to go to doctors, and I will continue to go to healers like Ameera. Both are important. I know for myself that is is IMPERATIVE that all forms of healing happen to a patient in order for them to heal completely. MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT….” – C.S.L.

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