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Ameera Atlantis

  • Neptune's Infinte Eye Andara Orb #1 💦🧜🏽‍♂️

Neptune's Infinte Eye Andara Orb #1 💦🧜🏽‍♂️

$999.00 Regular Price
$599.40Sale Price


This peice is the largest of the 4 in the video.

"Orbs" are natural mystical scrying crystals helpful for divination and requests from the Spiritul realm. Neptunes  Infinite Eye Orb in the Roman god's signature color blue is a prefect reflection into the mysteries within and in the epths of the seas.

This Orb has been blessed by the Kauai Sands and Seas, and by Neptune's himself.


440 gr./ .97 lbs.

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