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Ameera Atlantis

Soul Progression

A Soul Progression works in a very similar way as a Past Life Regression, with the focus and intention on “progressing” the soul thru any energies, experiences and fears not allowing highest and best soul growth. This amazingly successful healing modality allows Ameera Beth’s clients to meet with their Spirit guides and angels to ask questions, receive guidance and become familiar with who in the Spirit realm is helping with their human experience. Ancestors and departed loved ones often present themselves in her clients sessions, and the healing through these reunions is wonderful.

An excellent intention for a Soul Progression is to place a special emphasis on reuniting aspects of the soul that have been forgotten or lost through traumas or experiences in this life or others. It can be difficult for the conscious  mind to accept why certain events happen through us, we all want to know “why?”…  Ameera takes you on a journey into the “void” where all answers, possibilities and potentials lie waiting to be learned. When we receive answers from our Higher Self and Sprit guides it allows us to more rapidly progress and evolve through this lifetime and into the higher dimensions. A Soul Progression helps us to resolve karma and to remember our purpose and intention for coming to this planet.

After a Soul Progression Ameera Beth’s clients often report a greater sense of life purpose, connection to angelic guidance, peace and joyful life.

Ameera Beth provides an environment of safety, comfort and love, holding space for Spirit to take her clients into their highest and best healing experience.

Some examples of what may take place during a Soul Progression are:

  • Meeting your Angels and Spirit Guides pre-birth or in between lifetimes

  • Remembering Alien encounters or “abductions”

  • Communicating with unborn children during pregnancy, or terminated pregnancies

  • Releasing “spirit entities,” cords or stuck energies attached to the energetic body

  • Remembering your soul’s plans or intentions for this lifetime

  • Bringing forward healing gifts intended for this lifetime

  • Releasing the trauma associated with the fall of Atlantis

  • Obtaining information helpful in making major or minor life changes.

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